Sonos Move Wireless Speaker review 

This Speaker performs well in Wi-Fi mode along with Bluetooth connectivity.

It offers reliable connection, top-quality sound and controls.  

The Sonos Move works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a built-in battery, so you can take it practically anywhere 

The Sonos Move speaker with 6.61 pounds cannot be called as portable .

The front of the Sonos Move is covered in a metal grille from top to bottom, while the speaker’s top and back are made of plastic. 

You get an integrated handle at the back, so it’s easy to carry around. 

Below the handle lies a power button, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth mode switch, and another button to reset. 

The Sonos Move’s battery life is expected to last 10 hours on Bluetooth, depending on the conditions.  

The best part of the speaker is its sound. The sound quality remains consistent over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.   

PROS Excellent, loud sound Reliable connectivity Bluetooth and WiFi Works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

CONS Hefty and not much portable at 3KG Pricey @ 400$ Average battery life