Paytm offers IPO investment opportunities! You can invest Rs 5 lakh from UPI

LIC's largest IPO is currently under discussion. In this case Paytm has come up with a great offer for the users.

One97 Communications Limited, the parent company of Paytm, has launched Paytm Money to enable non-institutional investors in Maharashtra to invest up to Rs 5 lakh in IPO schemes through UPI.

The lowest rates are Rs 10 per day for intraday and Rs 10 per day for F&O orders. Paytm offers lifetime free demat accounts to retail investors.

Paytm Money CEO Varun Sridhar said, “Our super app allows investors to make instant economy.

About 75% of these users are under 35 years of age. With a daily turnover of Rs 70,000 crore, the portal has management assets of Rs 11,000 crore

Over the last one year alone, the portal has transacted Rs 1.62 crore in mutual funds and Rs 3.10 crore in equity orders.

You can take advantage of this offer in a very simple way.

Go to the IPO section on the home screen of Paytm Money. Select the category of investors in order of preference. Those who want to invest up to Rs 5 lakh should opt for HNI.

If you are an insured, select the investor type policyholder option. Make sure that the PAN number associated with your insurance and demat account on Paytm is the same. Only then can you choose the policyholder option.

Under the heading 'Current and Upcoming', you will see the option of LIC IPO. As soon as you select this option, you will see the 'Apply Now' button and when you press it you will go to the actual bidding page. Enter the desired price and number on this page.

Now enter your UPI ID under 'Add UPI Details' and click on 'Apply' button. Once the IPO is delivered you will get its update on the app.