MG4 EV: New Eelectric car

The race has started like in big auto companies. Every day one or another company is launching its electric vehicle.

All the companies are competing with each other to bring better features in their products.

MG Motors has announced the launch of its new electric car MG4 EV

MG4 EV cars are going to give a hard blow to Kia Motors' Kia EV6.

Developed on the new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), the car will run up to 432 KM on a single charge.

This new electric car with powerful and fantastic features will be tremendous in terms of look.

The design is quite sleek and there are no grills in its front look.

Exterior - Alloy wheels and LED headlamps and DRLs,LED tail light,Black glass roof,Alloy wheel and,A skid plate on the rear bumper

First, this new electric car will be launched in the European market. After its launch there in September, the company can also launch it in the Indian market.