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Vehicle license plates with unique or less characters are historically known to be expensive and automotive enthusiasts often fancy buying such plates for their vehicles, Motor 1 reported. One such vehicle number plate – ‘AA8′ – has been sold for a whopping 35 million dirhams or around $9.5 million (approx 72.08 crore) at a charity auction that took place in Dubai, becoming one of the most expensive license plates in the world.
The number plate was sold at the Most Noble Numbers charity auction held in Dubai but it wasn’t the only number plate that sold for such a hefty amount. License plate numbers ‘F55’, ‘V66’, and ‘Y66’ all sold for over a million dollars each.
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And while ‘AA8’ became the most expensive one in the lot, the top spot in that list goes to vehicle license plate ‘MM’ in California, which costs an whopping $24.5 million and comes with a non-fungible token (NFT). The buyer of this ultra-expensive plate is “the type of person who sees the value in the exclusive, rare, & one-of-a-kind.”
Currently, the MM vehicle license plate in California is up for sale while another license plate – F1 in the UK was also put up for sale in 2018 for a staggering $20 million.
The vehicle number plates were not the only things that went under the hammer in the auction. Apart from the unique license plates, 10 special mobile numbers were also put up for bidding in the auction. The mobile number 549999999 grabbed the highest bid at $1.36 million.
Proving the fact that people fancy unique number plates, an Indian resident also recently spent more than 15 lakh to get himself ‘CH01-CJ-0001’ number plate for his mere 71,000 Honda Activa scooter, Hindustan Times reported. Brij Mohan, a 42-year-old advertising professional, got himself the fancy number plate in a recent auction held by the Chandigarh Registering and Licensing Authority (Read full report).

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