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Rolls-Royce has created a customised version of its popular model Phantom using a carbon veil which is carbon fibre that took two years to create. Rolls-Royce mentioned the carbon veil has been specially developed for the gallery area in the fascia. This is a feature unique to the Phantom model where customers can choose to display an original work of art or design.
The bespoke model has been designed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective and realised by artist and sculptor Alastair Gibson who has the expertise in working on carbon fibre. The carbon veil offers a contemporary look to Phantom’s interior. The carbon fibre is finished in either clear or matte lacquer that reflects a weave pattern. The whole piece is sealed under a single pane of glass.
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Apart from the distinct gallery, the anthracite brightwork inside the car is contrasting with the colour-keyed rotary controls and leather detailing. The dark tones and light leather echoes the veil’s galore.
The exterior of the car is a gunmetal surface with an iced finish and a gunmetal contrast bonnet. The coachline and waft line have an accent of mandarin orange. The Spirit of Ecstasy has also been crafted from carbon fibre. The black pack elements include black trim on the windows, the grille and the exhausts.
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Carbon fibre artist and sculptor Alastair Gibson said it required a huge amount of experimentation to produce the carbon veil gallery. “The main challenge in creating the shape was ensuring that the weave of the carbon fibre remained horizontal and parallel throughout,” added Gibson. General Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai, AGMC Mamdouh Khairallah stated, “The construction technique, which involves applying 150 carbon fibre sheets, is genuinely ground-breaking; the result is ultra-stylish, contemporary and beautiful, and perfectly attuned to the aesthetic sensibilities of the Emirate of Dubai.”
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