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From roundtables to cover stories, a roundup of some of our favorites pieces of the year.

It was an epic year in Hollywood. That’s true in terms of the actual business of entertainment, from the recalibration of streaming wars to the return of some legitimate big-screen hits (not to mention the return of Bob Iger).
Just as bold was the drama and scandal surrounding the business, from the worldwide shock of the Oscars slap to the final implosion of Time’s Up (even as some of the worst #MeToo abusers stood trial). And then there was the work itself, groundbreaking films like The Woman King, long-awaited blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick and buzzy TV follow-ups like The White Lotus.

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It was a year of attention-grabbing performances from both rising stars like Keke Palmer and Sydney Sweeney and resurgent vets like Michelle Yeoh, Brendan Fraser and Jennifer Lawrence.
The Hollywood Reporter has covered it all.
We’ve compiled some of our favorite pieces of 2022. These include roundtables with A-listers (and one conversation notable because so many of the “Blackfamous” actors on it never achieved that household name status). We’ve spotlighted, through in-depth profiles, stars including Lena Dunham and Trevor Noah and directors like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.
Others, like our cover on the rookie showrunners of Amazon’s Rings of Power, introduced powerful new voices. Some pieces offer an inside peek behind the curtains at companies like Warner Bros., Paramount, Netflix and Disney that those powerful institutions were not always keen to see published (but we hope you were). 
Meanwhile, there are stories like “Who Killed Mae West’s No. 1 Fan,” “Aesop the Aquarian” and “Better Call Brad” that are simply great reads about one-of-a-kind Hollywood inhabitants.
And finally, we’ve included several of our reporters’ months-long investigations — like our in-depth coverage of alleged Scrubs rapist Eric Weinberg and our recounting of what really happened behind the scenes at The Wendy Williams Show — that we hope force the entertainment industry to take a tougher look at itself as it moves into the new year. Rest assured we will be there reporting on it to make sure that it does.
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