Single men outspent single women on entertainment in 2019–20 … – Bureau of Labor Statistics

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In 2019–20, single men spent 33.5 percent more on entertainment, on average, than single women ($2,106 versus $1,577). Single men also spent more than single women on four out of five entertainment categories. Only on pets did single women outspend men. Single women spent an average of $504 on pets, while single men spent an average of $381. Single women spent 32.0 percent of their entertainment budget on pets, compared with 18.1 percent for single men.
Audio and visual equipment and services
Fees and admissions
Other entertainment supplies, equipment, and services
Toys, hobbies, and playground equipment
The entertainment category, “other entertainment supplies, equipment, and services” includes indoor and outdoor exercise equipment, campers and boats, hunting, fishing, camping and sports equipment, photographic equipment and supplies, fireworks, and pinball and electronic video games.
These data are from the Consumer Expenditure Surveys. Consumer units are all the individual members of a household who use their income to make joint expenditure decisions. To learn more about the data in this article, see our 2-year cross-tabulated means tables.
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