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By Jesse Hyland For Daily Mail Australia


A mother has issued an urgent warning to pet owners after her dog died from eating a sago palm plant in her yard.
Katrina Dawson left her dogs, Hazel and Margot, alone in the backyard to play for a few hours at her Queensland home.
But when she checked up on her dogs, Margot appeared ‘lethargic’ and unwell.
Margot’s condition worsened, with the pup vomiting and becoming increasingly tired.
Queensland mother Katrina Dawson has cautioned pet owners about the plants in their yard after her dog Margot died from ingesting a seed
Ms Dawson rushed her to a vet and discovered her dog had consumed a sago palm seed in her backyard.
Sago palms are extremely toxic and can lead to severe poisoning or death.
Margot spent almost a week between the vet and the family home before she died.
Ms Dawson said she was shocked that a plant in her garden led to Margot’s death.
‘I don’t think a lot of people know anything about it, I certainly didn’t,’ she told 7News.
‘I didn’t realise how bad this particular plant is and we have four of them in our fenced-in yard. That’s what got me.’
The Dawson family have since ripped out all of the sago palm plants in their yard and warned close friends with pets about the plants. 
‘I want other people to be aware, when you’re buying these plants, you need to know what’s in your garden,’ she said.
Margot had consumed a seed from a Sago palm plant (pictured), which are extremely toxic
Ms Dawson (pictured) said her family had ripped out all of the Sago palms in the yard since Margot died and have warned close friends who are pet owners
The Dawson family only moved into their house last year after buying the property in June.
Ms Dawson explained that the garden at their new home appeared ‘well-established’ and left it alone. 
The family had gotten Margot on December 1 – about a month before she died – as a friend for Hazel.
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