Priyanka Chopra to play THIS role in upcoming Hollywood movie with Mindy Kaling – PINKVILLA

Mindy Kaling in a recent interview revealed details about her upcoming movie with Priyanka Chopra.
Priyanka Chopra has multiple projects lined up and among them, fans have been most excited to see the actress team up with Mindy Kaling for a romantic comedy that will revolve around South Asian culture and a big fat Indian wedding with Kaling and Chopra playing cousins. In her interview with Forbes, Mindy recently revealed details about the same. 
Speaking to Forbes about the importance of South Asian representation and how she explores the same with her projects, Kaling also detailed how her upcoming film with Chopra will deal with the same. She said, “We’re really proud of it, we show South Asian Americans that are from Southern Indian. Then we show a Muslim Indian girl. Culturally we see how they’re different from each other. The Asian experience is not a monolith. Why would people necessarily know that if they don’t have shows that explain and explore that difference?”
Adding on about the roles that Priyanka and her will play in their upcoming film, she said, “I have this movie with Priyanka Chopra, she’s Punjabi Indian from India and I’m an Indian American Bengali girl from the East Coast. It’s so different and that’s what makes our dynamic so fun together.”
Mindy had previously revealed in a 2020 interview how working with Chopra has given her a different perspective of India and how working with her, the love and understanding that she feels about India has changed. Kaling has already received rave reviews for South Asian representation in her high-school teen drama, Never Have I Ever which will soon have its third season release on Netflix. 
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