Nokia's new £119 smartphone offers a powerful upgrade its Android rivals can't match – Express

Nokia G21
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Anyone who had a trusted Nokia 3310 in their pockets will remember the epic battery life this device used to offer. Now the famous phone firm – which is owned by HMD Global – is back with a new call maker that comes packed with some pretty impressive power that its rivals will struggle to match.
The Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 both offer a whopping three-day battery life before owners will need to go anywhere near a plug. Clearly, that’s not as good as the month-long power that the 3310 could muster but it still beats the usual 24-hours that most people get from their current smartphones.
When things do start to run low, Nokia has also included a Super Battery Saver mode on these devices to help eke things out even longer.
Along with that long-lasting battery, there are some other useful features including a speedy 90Hz screen for stutter-free scrolling, a triple-lens rear camera and face unlock for easy access to the homescreen.Nokia G11Nokia G11Nokia is also promising twice as many security updates as the competition to help keep important data stored on its devices fully protected.
Speaking about the launch of these long-lasting phones, Florian Seiche, CEO at HMD Global: “We continue to push boundaries in the mid-range segment providing affordable, secure and competitive technology for all. We’re delighted to unveil two new heroes from our heartland G-series, the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21.
“The two devices epitomise the durability and long-lasting battery life qualities Nokia phones became famous for all those years ago. This combined with the best of Android software, and more security updates than the competition within this price category, cements our vision for 2022 and beyond – as we continue to build phones that last for longer.”
If these phones sound enticing then you can pick up the £149 Nokia G21 starting today in Nordic Blue (navy) and Dusk (dark taupe).
Those wanting the cheaper Nokia G11 will need to wait until March for the release but it will be available in Charcoal (dark grey/ black) and Ice (white/blue).
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