New Research Shows That E-Bikes Are Outpacing Electric Cars Sales in the U.S. – Bicycling

Industry professionals predict that more than 1 million e-bikes will be sold in the states this year.
People in urban areas are starting to realize that sometimes, it’s faster to go by bike than to drive from place to place. Especially when the bike is electric-assisted and capable of zooming through traffic at the same speed as most city speed limits, without the hassle of finding parking. And now that

e-cargo bikes are becoming more readily available and kitted out for comfort, it’s an easier decision than ever to swap the minivan for an e-bike.
Georgia’s 11Alive station just investigated and verified the claim that more e-bikes were sold than electric cars last year. Their research team estimates that while 608,000 electric cars and trucks were sold in 2021, more than 880,000 e-bikes were also purchased. That’s almost double the estimated 450,000 e-bikes that were sold in 2020.
Edward Benjamin of the Light Electric Vehicle Association predicts that more than 1 million e-bikes will be sold in the U.S. this year, as the bike industry slowly begins to rebound from the effects of supply chain slowdowns and lack of stock in bike shops. Electrek reports that in Europe, within the next 10 years, e-bikes may outpace all vehicle sales, including gas and electric.
The New York Times reported a similar boom, particularly in e-bikes with cargo space for kids. As parents struggled to avoid crowded subways during the COVID pandemic, e-bikes became a practical way to transport the kiddos to school in style, without breaking a sweat or requiring a parking space in the drop-off/pick-up zone. “A lot of mothers are trying to transport their children to school,” Damon Victor, owner of Greenpath Electric Bikes in South Brooklyn, told The Times. He added, “it’s the freedom of moving their children in and out of school easily, the freedom of getting to work on a bike, the freedom of bypassing parking, the freedom of bypassing the traffic.”
While initially, the social distancing and outdoor sports boom contributed to high bike sales, another reason to swap a car for a bike has come into play. Rising gas prices may be a factor in the continued surge in e-bike sales, Bloomberg reports. While buying an electric car may still be out of many consumers’ price ranges, with e-bikes becoming more affordable, it’s possible to get a decent e-bike for sub-$1,500, making it an easier purchase to combat high fuel costs. E-bike manufacturer VanMoof’s sales have exceeded the company’s projections in the last month, and cofounder and chief executive officer Taco Carlier attributed that rise in sales to the increase in gas prices in an email to Bloomberg.
E-bike sales have also surpassed non-e-bike sales in terms of popularity and growth (though not actual numbers quite yet), reports market research company NPD. With 240 percent growth in sales in the last year, e-bikes are outstripping even road bikes. As brands like Mini Cooper introduce even more subtle e-bikes designed to look more like innocuous unassisted road bikes, we won’t be shocked if sales skyrocket.

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