Karnataka-Maharashtra Border Row Live Updates: Karnataka and … – Economic Times

Economic Times | 07 Dec, 2022 | 12:32AM IST
– Philanthropist Melinda Gates
Karnataka-Maharashtra border row | Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti leaders were detained by the police at the DC office… https://t.co/xZLbrM0BOV
– Party chief Mamata Banerjee
– NCP Chief Sharad Pawar on the border issue
Tamil Nadu | A poster showing BR Ambedkar in saffron clothes purportedly put by Indu Makkal Katchi on Ambedkar's de… https://t.co/QXd5O4xZWC
#WATCH | Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: Youth Congress workers hold a protest march to Kerala Assembly demanding the r… https://t.co/oNqhqBXrZT
– Dhruv Sharma, Senior Economist, The World Bank
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