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James Gunn recently announced that he is working on a new Superman movie. While this isn't necessarily surprising news to those who follow him, it is shocking that Henry Cavill has confirmed that despite recently reprising the role in Black Adam, he won't be returning for the new film. Gunn recently took over the creative direction for DC's films and the new movie is likely going to be a reset for the popular comic-based cinematic universe. While very few details have been confirmed, here's what is known about the new movie.
It's important to note, however, that this Superman film is not the same as the upcoming Superman movie from J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates, which is separate from Gunn's work but as of this writing, still a go at Warner Bros. Coates' and Abrams' film will focus on a Black Superman.
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Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel"
Warner Bros.
Henry Cavill confirmed that he will not be returning to play Superman. He first portrayed the hero in Man of Steel, and most recently returned to the role for a brief cameo in Black Adam. Cavill may cameo in the upcoming Flash and Aquaman movies, but moving forward, Warner Brothers is going to recast the role for future projects.
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Warner Brothers has not announced who the new Superman actor is going to be. James Gunn hasn't revealed much about the project, only that it will focus on a younger Superman, but it won't be an origin movie.
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James Gunn has confirmed that he is working on a new Superman movie. The film is still in early development and few details have been revealed. It will feature a younger Superman and won't be an origin movie.
As of now, Warner Brothers has no plans to produce a sequel to Man of Steel. James Gunn and Henry Cavill have both confirmed that the role of Superman will be recast in future projects.
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The new Superman has not been announced yet and likely hasn't even been cast. The details revealed so far are that the story focuses on a younger Superman.
The new Superman movie does not have a title yet. It is still in early development at Warner Brothers.
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The new Superman does not have a release date. Based on James Gunn's comments, it seems to be the first movie in his new DC film universe.
Warner Brothers has not made any casting announcements for the new Superman movie. The only thing that is confirmed is that Henry Cavill will not return to the role.
Over the decades, a surprisingly large number of actors have reportedly turned down the role of Superman, including Paul Walker, Josh Hartnett and Will Smith.
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James Gunn hasn't revealed any major plot details for the new Superman movie. The only things he has confirmed is that it won't be an origin movie but it will feature a younger Superman.
The new Superman movie is still in early production, so no footage has been shot and therefore, there is no trailer. Warner Brothers likely won't start promoting the film until a few months before its release date, which hasn't been announced yet.
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