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Taniya Chatterjee stars in the series.

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Last Updated: 08.54 AM, Dec 20, 2022
Ever since the trailer of Dil Do Part 2 was released, viewers with a penchant for erotic stories with an intriguing storyline have been anxiously awaiting for the series to hit ULLU. The series finally hit the platform on December 13. The makers have recently unveiled an intriguing glimpse from the show, which gives an insight into the troubles the lead character, Chameli, has to go through.
The glimpse sees Chameli doing very well at her new job, where she is required to test a range of new intimate products produced by her company. She is called into her boss’ cabin where the latter showers praise on her. However, her elation soon turns into disgust when her boss openly hits on her and puts forth an inappropriate proposition before her. As Chameli leaves in disgust, she is approached by another colleague who was in the meeting as well.
Chameli becomes angry at the colleague, saying that the latter was well aware of Chameli’s desperation, which she exploited. The colleague tries to calm Chameli down, saying that it was just an experiment and she should consider it a part of the job. When she refuses, the colleague says that the next three months were crucial in terms of sale, and if Chameli did not agree to the boss’ proposition within a span of two days, she will be fired.
Check out the glimpse from Dil Do below:
The series follows the tale of Chameli who is forced to become an employee in a company that sells intimate products, after her husband becomes paralysed. The series stars Taniya Chatterjee in the lead.
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