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The series will be releasing on 9th December 2022 on Netflix.
Famous Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda under the direction of Balwinder Singh will be bringing a spine-chilling story set against the backdrop of Punjab named CAT. Talking about the OTT release date of CAT, the series will be releasing on 9th December 2022 on Netflix. CAT is an authentic story based on the penetration of drug cartels in Punjab. The series showcases the harsh reality of Punjab’s youth falling under the influence of drugs. CAT also reveals the tireless working of Punjab Police to get rid of drug addiction in the state. Let’s understand why the series is named CAT and how is it a very significant part of Punjab’s working system.

True Scoop while speaking with a senior police officer learnt that although the character of the series CAT is fictional the concept of it is very close to the theory of CAT- undercover spy in Punjab.

What is the CAT theory in Punjab?

Terrorism and drug trade have always been the two main problems that disturb the harmony of Punjab. To get rid of these, Punjab Police came up with an amazing concept of CAT. CAT modules were used by higher officials to get all the information about drug smugglers and terrorists. Police officials used to plant their spies in big terrorist organizations to fail all their plans against the harmony of Punjab. Furthermore, these spies were not part of police, but members of the same terrorist organizations.

Why were the spies called CAT?

The police officials named these spies CAT because Cat as an animal patiently waits for the target and attacks at the right time, similarly these undercover agents used to act normal and work in terrorist or drug smuggling organization, when right time used to come, they informed police officials about the plans and give them all information about it. These spies were a great help to police officials in getting hold of very big terrorists and drug smugglers.

Controversy related to CAT in Punjab

There were certain controversies surfaced related to CAT theory of Punjab. Certain allegations were raised that some undercover spies who were a part of terrorist organizations were provided with deployment into police forces at a lower level as a reward. Many officials raised their voices against this act of deploying terrorists in the police force although they then acted as spies only.

How CAT module proved to be beneficial for Punjab Police?

CAT spies proved to be beneficial to Punjab Police officers in two ways. Firstly, working on information provided by spies and arresting big drug smugglers as well as terrorists helped them to get good promotions as well as medals while spies used to just get cash rewards. Lastly, this helped the police force to solve the problem of drug trade and terrorism in Punjab.

The senior police official also revealed that this module was adopted at all levels of Police force i.e. from top to the bottom.

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