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A reporter was abducted in Syria exactly one decade ago, three days after his 31st birthday. If he is alive, and all Americans should hope and pray he is, Austin Tice must come home.
It is easy and correct to call Tice a journalist, but the description is incomplete. He is a Marine vet and infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan who continued to serve in the reserves; a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and a student in its law school; and a young man brave enough to travel as a freelancer to the brutal war zone in Syria, where the dictator Bashar Assad had mounted a ruthless campaign to crush insurgents, even as ISIS militants sought to create a caliphate there and in Iraq.
It is that work for which he is rightly best known, and likely what put a crosshair on his chest. For McClatchy newspapers, he gleaned unique insights into the rebels’ struggle against Assad, winning a Polk Award. He had also contributed to CBS News and to the Washington Post.
Then, that day, Tice suddenly went silent, the only trace of his disappearance a YouTube video of a blindfolded man being led through rugged terrain by men carrying automatic weapons.
In this image taken from undated video posted to YouTube, American freelance journalist Austin Tice prays in Arabic and English while blindfolded in the presence of gunmen. (AP)
“We know with certainty that he has been held by the Syrian regime,” President Biden said in a statement Wednesday, even as the Assad regime continues to deny any role in Tice’s detention or any knowledge of his whereabouts. “We have repeatedly asked the government of Syria to work with us so that we can bring Austin home.” A frustrated but dogged Debra Tice, Austin’s mother, has concluded that many in the State Department think it is “not viable” to secure her son’s release.
Break through the bureaucratic defeatism. If an American is being held overseas, he can and must be returned. Give Debra and Marc Tice back their son. Give Austin’s six siblings back their eldest brother. Give our country back this dogged truth-teller.
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Copyright © 2022, New York Daily News


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