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In recent years, a “remake wave” has swept across Hollywood. While some proved impressive, fans aren’t confident about some upcoming remakes.
Remakes, prequels, and sequels have been all the rage in the last few decades of Hollywood, and some fans feel conflicted on where they stand with them. While many remakes or re-adaptations admittedly make money and occasionally get good reviews, that isn't the norm.
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The majority of remakes fall into the trap of both being worse than the original and unnecessary in the first place. With all the remakes recently announced, fans are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. No movie seems to be safe, and it feels like it's only a matter of time until every classic gets redone.
The original Exorcist movie became an undeniable horror classic. It terrified audiences worldwide, reinvented the genre, and inspired countless filmmakers. Apart from some sequels, it's remained unaffected by the remake boom, until now.
The studio behind Truth or Dare and other mediocre horror movies will reportedly remake TheExorcist. The issue is that the original is a classic, and a remake isn't likely to offer anything new. Audiences are all familiar with TheExorcist's iconic moments, and many new films that attempt to emulate them fall flat. Unless the studio can find a daring director with a fresh approach, fans aren't optimistic.
An American Werewolf In London is a classic werewolf tale, featuring dark comedy from the mind of John Landis. It has an interesting supernatural plot, great werewolf effects, and some hilarious moments. It’s easy to see how a remake may be a good idea.
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Maybe the effects could be updated, more jokes could be added, or some narrative elements could change, but two roadblocks remain. On the one hand, attempts to expand on the original, such as An American Werewolf In Paris, have fallen flat. Additionally, the original's effects were gold and continue to outshine most CGI werewolf effects found today.
Battle Royale is a fan favorite movie, a great watch, and a relatively recent release. Similar to The Hunger Games, the film depicts a dystopian tournament where young adults must fight each other to the death, but this version proves more brutal. It also shares themes similar to the recent Netflix hit Squid Games.
As history has shown, foreign films remade by Hollywood rarely fare as well as the original. Plenty of viewers will expect an American Battle Royale to be another Hunger Games, and they’ll probably be right.
John Carpenter's Escape From New York isn’t his most iconic movie, but fans adore it. Kurt Russell stars as Snake Plissken, a dystopian hero sent into an abandoned New York on a mission to rescue the President of the United States.
For many fans, the original was made with the right people at the right time, making it difficult to duplicate its success. The sequel Escape From LA proved this wholeheartedly. While some argue the effects and production design could be updated, others argue it’s the performances and the film's world that boosted it in the first place.
The Fugitive is a classic man-on-the-run thriller in which a doctor framed for murder must avoid police arrest and prove his innocence. It’s a great 90s action film with brilliant performances by Harrison Ford and Tommy lee Jones.
In many cases, films from the 90s feel a little too recent to be remade, especially if they have no sign of poor CGI or dated visuals. The Fugitive relied on stunt work, practical effects, and great performances, and it still works well today. If fans want a remake of The Fugitive and aren't concerned about it holding up to the original, Taken 3 is always available.
Scarface is one of the most iconic gangster movies of all time. Most cinema-goers of all ages are familiar with Al Pacino's classic character Tony Montana and his iconic lines, and to some, the film stands as a masterpiece that can't be replicated.
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When fans learned a remake for Scarface had been announced, some felt it was a classic case of brand recognition guaranteeing ticket sales. No director or stars have attached themselves to the project yet, but just the announcement had people sighing.
American Psycho is a cult classic beloved by fans who adore its dark comedy, Christian Bale's incredible performance, and its twisted take on 90s Wall Street culture. Fans argue the remake will be dead on arrival, since the original film already captures that era with perfection.
No amount of modern cameras or CGI can change that. The only interesting way to remake American Psycho is to hire a visionary director to re-adapt the book. As this likely won't be the case, viewers should keep an eye out for a copy-and-paste remake.
John Carpenter's The Thing is a great example of how to do a remake right. The original The Thing From Another World adapted a short story about a group of researchers in the Arctic who unearthed an alien creature with the ability to shapeshift. ​​​​​​
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Carpenter, being a fan of the original, decided to re-adapt the book into a more faithful atmospheric and gory version. Recently, fans rolled their eyes at the announcement of Blumhouse studios' The Thing remake. John Carpenter's The Thing already received a remake in 2011, to make another a decade later feels sudden.
Akira is one of the best and most iconic anime movies of all time. Released in 1994, but it hasn't aged a day. Akira has an incredible style to it, and the action and motorbike scenes are simply immaculate. It also boasts an engaging science fiction premise.
This hasn't stopped Hollywood from announcing a live-action remake. For most people, live-action anime remakes occupy an awkward grey area. Films like Ghost In The Shell 2017 weren’t hated, nor were they adored. Death Note and Dragon Ball Evolution, however, were a different story. Combine a poor history of adapting anime with a great beloved movie and it makes sense that fans are worried.
Christopher Nolan’s Memento is considered a modern classic. It’s one of Nolan’s earlier projects, but is incredibly impressive nonetheless. Fans love the bold plot, mysterious characters, and the non-linear story structure. Not to mention, it’s a relatively recent movie and none of its elements feel dated.
However, even Memento isn't safe from the reboot wave. Announced a few years ago, the project hasn't seen much progression. This may mean it’s been quietly canceled, or it’s looking for a director. Either way, the reaction from fans was very poor. Not only does Nolan’s fanbase see a remake as ridiculous, but general cinema-goers consider the original too good and too recent to make another.
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